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Unguent — Otiose Pos


Deeply underground electronics from the grossly moniker-ed (a soft greasy or viscous substance used as an ointment or for lubrication) UNGUENT. I’ve only seen Lance H. Simmons perform live once thus far, but the experience was very MOVING, and there WAS definitely something gross on the FLOOR.

This Philadelphian is of the rhythmic noise school, working a little further down toward the noise end of things, but really that could evolve or just straight up script-flip at any moment. Ugly electronics balanced precariously on some kind of table, hideous sounds bubbling over, filling whatever the lucky room might be that Simmons has set up shop in. A handful of tapes have come and gone, on labels like REFULGENT SEPULCHRE, prior to the release of UNGUENT’s latest, Otiose Pos. This one was released by the Osaka-based birdFriend label. Available on cassette and digitally it is an eventful walk through the UNGUENT sound world. 6 tracks of modular synth, some improv, some composition, all bizarre beyond your wildest notions of bizarre, and sure to be off-putting to anyone not accustomed to or prepared for such hyper-deep level strangeness. Closer “Tube” conjures memories of early electronic experimentalists fused to the contemporary toxic waste electronic approach of East Coast maximum heads. “Seventh Eye” is maybe my favorite here, bent circuits plinking along down into the abyss; an airy, weightless scuzzer that manages to organically attract beauty molecules despite its best attempts to stink up the joint.

Far out. What more can I say? Can’t wait to watch a room full of people hear this music for the first time at Hassle Fest 7.

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