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Ty Segall – s/t (2017)


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Can we just start calling Ty Segall the king of modern garage rock? No one else has consistently released so many great records over the years and kept the torch burning for the genre more than him.

On his seventh solo (and second self titled) album Segall tapping Steve Albini to produce seems like an oversight that should have happened years ago but regardless the wait was worth it. Fans looking for the raw sound both men are known for won’t be let down with heavy hitters “Break a Guitar” and “Mr.K”. Recorded live with little overdubs the album captures that in the room intensity benefitting extended jam “Warm Hands” that steers away from endless guitar solos opting for time switchs, speed up sabbath riffs and Barrett psychedelia.

Let’s be fair, if you don’t like him by now you’re probably not gong to be converted but for all his loyal followers he continues to challenge revealing a more pronounced Kinks influence and maturity here. ”Orange Colour Queen” is a summer daydream breezing by like it’s been lifted off the second side of Something Else and is the real hidden gem of the album. Fragility and mortality aren’t usually topics for this kind of music but Ty manages to turn one in on the Bowie-eque anthem “Take Care (To comb Your Long Hair)”. Thank god he never adhered to those live fast die young rules or we wouldn’t have this record today. Here’s hoping for twenty more by next spring!

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