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Canada’s TV Freaks have been putting out some solid garage-punk for a few years now, and this release is unsurprisingly a winner. The foundation of their sound still lies in swaggering garage-punk in the mode of those Total Punk releases, Stooges, or Teengenerate, but TV Freaks put enough of their own touches in to make this 7” truly satisfying. Just check out the hits in the awesome title track; these touches take them beyond being just another garage band. On the sub-minute “Mommy’s Place” the band dips into straight-up hardcore, with great results, while the closer “Lose It” is another great punk number in the mode of the title track that still manages to sneak in some hardcore influenced raging. What stands out to me most on this 7” though is creative guitar work that flirts with some more esoteric influences. And the off-the-wall vocals from the frontman truly sells this stuff; the guy is a force of nature. Pick this great 7” up from Horsehead Records.

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