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Given the exceptional album art that resembles a carefully timed screencap from a mid-80’s Troma Entertainment VHS tape, you may be quick to assume that Purple Skies, Toxic River will thrash about with the grace and goodwill of The Toxic Avenger. Opening track “The Neighbourhood” is certainly quick to play along with that hunch, spewing forth sonically shredded vocals and crunchy noise pop riffs with a thirst for velocity.

However, over the course of the remaining 14 tracks, TV Colours swiftly shift your attention away from the fuzz and onto the hooks. Power chords and anthem chants eventually pile up until you can’t help but double back on that initial assumption. This isn’t the soundtrack to ripping off limbs and dishing out gore, this is a power pop album dizzy on noxious fumes. The river may not be as toxic as anticipated, but hey, the water feels great!

You can purchase Purple Skies, Toxic River digitally on bandcamp, or pick up the vinyl from Eighteen Records.

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