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Tuxis Giant

Tuxis Giant

If there was an album to pack for a road trip, Tuxis Giant’s “Here Comes the Wolf” would be a must-bring. Maybe the minimalistically inspired album artwork, a photo of an outstretched road, surrounded by empty, barren fields and a hazy, ambient violet sky inspires this thought. Comprised of Matt O’Connor on guitar and lead vocals, Tim Regan on bass and piano, and James Steinberg on percussion, Tuxis Giant sounds like freedom, clean sheets in the wind, yoga in the park, and some serious self-reflection. “Here Comes the Wolf” is melancholy yet whimsical, forlorn yet bright, and expels pure clarity at every turn.

“Quiet Type” reaches into the depths of your guts and grabs onto your heart, reminding you of an unrequited, difficult love. “Maybe I wanna give up the fight / I know there’s different ways of losing it / Mine’s the quiet type”, O’Connor intones closely, as if he’s singing to you through an open window. Nearly all tracks on “Here Comes The Wolf” run counterintuitive to the standard intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, etc structure, layered on top of dystopian indie freak folk. Lyrically, Tuxis Giant tracks read like poetry found in an anthology about pain and longing. “You’re too fucked up to be in love/ or give a shit about anyone” repeat a few times throughout, building a protective emotional wall around the writer’s heart.

Tuxis Giant is currently on tour- catch them at the Shed Cellar on May 11th.

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