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We don’t get into too much RELAPSE business in these parts for whatever reason, but when the music grabs your ears what are you supposed to do? Dallas’ TRUE WIDOW make the kind of rock music that brings together strands of different rock music in a seamless manner that seems natural, and timeless really. A little doom metal here (though not too much, especially on their latest record), some post-rock (of the none wank variety) there, and a clear line to drone rock forebears like say LUNGFISH. I gravitate toward minimalism in my music and this trio excels in this regard, wrapping hypnotic hooks, and pulsating rhythms around an often bare bones song skeleton. Their latest record CIRCUMAMBULATION came out just last month and it is continuation of their gloomy pounding way. The video for “S:H:S” in its beautiful black and white is a fitting compliment to the mellow doom-pop spell being cast here over the course of 6 minutes. Slow burner yeah.

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