TRNGS – Bilocate


Imagine a sci-fi computer game set in an alien war zone with old school era dial-up internet sound effects mixed in with some drums and static in a very chaotic fashion and you’ve got Trngs. This EP contains 6 songs which put together add up to a 16-minute long post-industrial world full of never ending structures and unfinished concepts of the technological world. The whole EP has a very futuristic tone yet, a very familiar feel as well. TRNGS uses what sounds like 80’s and 90’s computer and video game samples yet they sound as if another world when put through reverb and static synths Trngs’ uses and when you listen to it melded together the way it is done here, it’s amazing.

I also enjoy the flow of this EP. The songs rarely feel out of place, each song fusing perfectly with the next. The title of the EP is inspired by Pope St. Alphonsus Mary De Liguori who accomplished the ability to bilocate, and how now bilocation and even polylocation is so much easier because of the internet and modern technology being saturated in our everyday lives. So not only does this album sound cool it has a deep and thoughtful meaning behind it.

So seriously, check this EP out, it will take you for a ride and leave you thinking for a long time after and will provide a great listen during deep thoughts, meditation, or watching a Trip To The Moon.

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