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TRIGGER WARNING: Publishing Hatemail From Our Readers, To Us

No really tho, TW for homophobia, anti-semitism, racism, misogyny, violence


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Over the past month or two, I have written separate pieces critical of both QANON & The Biden Administration. Both of these pieces have inspired some of our readers to accuse us of lying, of spreading fake news, and most famously, of sucking a Rothschild’s dick. Backlash from my Biden piece came swift and made me laugh and think I did a good job for that particular day. Call me out for being a mediocre writer, sure, but I take pains to do this writing thing as professionally as I can. So when someone accuses me of lying or spreading fake news, I become justifiably angry because I check my sources two and three times over.

I laughed the responses to my Biden piece off. But a response to my QANON piece, while expected, still stings me a bit. I will be the first to call out the State of Israel for being a genocidal apartheid state, however, such vehement anti-semitism ought to give any sensitive, peace-loving person pause.

Responses to “Joe Biden Will Not Give Us What We Need”

From: Sheila ******
To: [email protected]


(lol, I take emails extra seriously when they are written in all caps.)

From: Brad ******
To: [email protected]

“I think it’s stupid and counterproductive to attack Biden this early in his term. We get enough of that bullshit from Fox Propaganda. It’s time to stop knocking things down and start building.

You’ve lost a subscriber.
Sent from my CIA-embedded subcortical microchip.”

(I responded kindly to both emails and have yet to receive a response.)

Response to “QANON, The Rothschild’s, and The New Antisemitism”

From: Adam *****
To: [email protected]

“Id just like point out from chris h article from dec 22 2020… That if he [they] thinks Americans are bigets and what not why dont u get the fuck out of this country you carpet bagging prick! Go over the pond w your Satanic overlords the Rothschilds bc u obviously are trying to blow one of them! And if u knew just a little bit about what u speak of i might have let it slip.. but u doing a puff piece like that for Satan is unbelievable…. Go do all Americans a favor and bite a bullet u traitorous cunt!”

to which I responded:

“Hey Adam,

thanks for the opinion. I will be sure to publish your response in full in one of our upcoming newsletters because I just find this really funny.

And If I could go over the pond I would! But I got so much debt being an expat is a luxury I may never be able to afford.

Your very Jewish Associate writer and editor
Chris Hues (Zimmerman)”

I should have stopped there but I got this reply:

“Hey Chris,

I find it comical that you are so ashamed of being an American. Are you a fake Jew like your masters? Anyway, you do whatever you want with my rant. But it’s people like you who are so eager to sell this country out which puts us in the situation we are today. There’s not question what your political affiliation is, and you should do a bit of research on your hero’s before you go blowing them in a puff piece again.. But you keep pushing your nonsense and maybe one day youll get to partake in the trafficking of children w your heros…

Please do yourself a solid and dont respond

God Bless America!”

My response to this is naturally: God Fuck America.


Chris Hues is a human & writer from Boston, Ma & Associate Editor of //// They can be reached at [email protected] or @crsjh_ via instagram & twitter.

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