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Listen to this one right before work only if you don't need to present well.


Metal infected hardcore blursted out of the underground geyser-like and bottled and splashed onto tape by TOWER 7 and the wonderful DM4T freakazoids (behind clutches of great releases and the band KALEIDESCOPE). This is furious and disgusting which is all I expect from anything on this label. Oh yeah this is from NYC btw.

This one goes from lurching metallic sludge to hardcore and back and forth, occasionally touching on powerviolence but not totally. Thrash is attained however. Bass tone kills throughout. “Ritual of Detention” is MEAN, driving, and I believe the singer is dying during the recording. The guitars even scream a little bit here. And there’s a fake out ending. If I was going to ride a rocket into a wall I’d like to do it to this song. TOP TRACK. Sick tape.

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