>TOP 15 bands that played a Bodies of Water show in 2010…


>In no particular order:

Larkin Grimm(nyc)
– Strange and haunting post-folk rock. Her new more “rock” direction is so amazing.
Debo Band(boston)
– The most compelling funk band of any kind I’ve heard in years.
Bird Names(athens, ga)
– Beautiful and twisted chamber post-pop.
Happy Birthday(brattleboro, vt)
– The sickest off kilter power pop on the planet.
Ty Segall(san francisco)
– Filthy reverbed out pop nuggets. I gotta love it.
Nuclear Power Pants(baltimore)
– Early Beck fried sludge with so much soul at it’s core. Fuzz party maximus.
Keith Fullerton Whitman(boston)
– Electronic drone institution. i am moved with every performance.
Lower Dens(baltimore)
– Neil Young alive and well and hanging out with some mopes who can lay it down.
– Scalding noise rock attack with future ranting homeless man on vocals.
the Beets(nyc)
– Lo-fi blah blah pop done extremely, and shamblingly right.
So Cow(galway,ireland)
– Power pop meeting post-punk, the pop getting the best of the situation. My foot is tapping.
– The Fat Day continuum, herk jerk punk, farthest out vocals. Even sweet pop. They are THE BEST.
Truman Peyote(boston)
– Chopped and screwed hip hop/noise/electro something. Melodies and beats A+.
– Bumping beats and boundless enthusiasm. Most fun I had all year.
Quiet Hooves(athens, ga)
– 8-bit drenched weird pop East Coast style. Love.

All of these bands are beautiful. Pklease take the time and give a listen. Bodies of Water Shows will have all of them back ASAP. As for the Boston bands on the list…GO SEE THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell, Skimask is even playing our show on 1/14!!

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