2017 Year Enders

-top 10 events (plus one) that i played at or helped set up-


-Hey! there’s this band i play in… called Frozen Corn…this was a cool year for fc..and so amazing to spend another years with Chris/Tony..!! here are some things about fc this year…

(so many other great things about 2017.. dont know where to start with ..ha ha)

1.our lp finally came out!(on IDEA records..thanks troy!)

2.we played the amazing willimantic records again..with allysen callery(!)

3.also played ‘weird irish’ night in g-field w/pg6, robidoux & more

4.we played with the great jon collin(!) at Tony’s ranch in b-town
with wednesday knudsen & adolf dove

5.then there was the show with Willie Lane too

6.plus another fun jon collin/fc show at a stone church in nh

7.wow, totally epic(!)night w/ gary higgins/bof/fc/electric dawn/owen manure
(plus the jan. higgins show with sunburned & pigeons!)

8.amazing freestone or ooze fest vol.2 #2(w/gracious calamity & tons of bands!)

9.flywheel Benefit w/oroboro & les deraillers. FLYWHEEL IS ALWAYS
AMAZING! Go there today! http://flywheelarts.org/

10.& in march we played a super fun show with bunwinkies.!! supposedly
the last bunwinkies show???i hope not..one of my all time fave bands!

<<<<<<<RIP DANNY CRUZ! Best of the best 4 ever…>>>>>>>>
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