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From the land that springs eternal summer also comes the music of eternal bummer. SoCal’s Tomorrows Tulips have embraced the ultra-chill vibes of loser rock and put their own sunny spin on them. Neither the upbeat and moderately silly “Baby” nor the slowly-building rocker “Glued to You” are serious enough to be grungy, but they’re not melodic enough to be pop, either. Instead, these songs inhabit that limbo rock territory of monotone vocals and ultra-simple instrumentation, not unlike much of the music we’ve heard from Crystal Stilts.

These songs’ simplicity makes you realize how much Tomorrows Tulips says with so little, and that you don’t really ever know what will happen next. This sentiment is furthered by the videos for “Baby” and “Glued To You”, which are unpredictable and downright bizarre– watch for yourself. **Also, they are very NSFW, assuming naked babies and naked non-babies aren’t OK with your workplace.**

“Baby” and “Glued To You” are from the band’s latest full-length, When, from Burger Records. And for some bonus material: check out frontman Alex Knost’s long-defunct but very underrated surf pop group Japanese Motors, who broke up before they had a chance to find a national audience.

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