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Timeghost — Cellular


Providence’s TIMEGHOST is the main project of Adam Morosky, a musician and performance artist that I have seen do some wild and freakish things all in front of an audience. He experiments with sound, being capable of creating a thumping techno and a highly off-putting, deviance-dripping bit of electro-acoustic creep, one right after the other. Morosky’s performance demands to be seen (lucky for you he’s playing tomorrow), as he is one performer who, in his live performance, goes well beyond what he may have committed to posterity in the form a recording. Live, the electronic signal of the performance transmits not just through his speakers but through an array of strobing lights and even through his own body via prosthetic devices.

A dark worldview is Morosky’s. Obsessions with the cellular signals coursing through our bodies, and the meeting of electronics and our very own flesh give an even darker hue to the glitching and throbbing electronics of the other. The other being Morosky.

And finally we get a full-length from the longtime nightmare-soundtracking Rhode Islander. CELLULAR is fitting title for this modern-sounding and hair-raising 8 song offering. “Cellular Automata” gets right down to it, using sounds of cellular interference as part of its rhythmic stew. This is the first time, but not at all close to the last time we hear that eerie and familiar crackling noise. TIMEGHOST is the work of an electronic musician who has accepted and wholly embraced digital electronic music making, and also loves to completely fuck with it. “Dissection Theater” is a negative industrial encounter. It plays out like a thudding, harrowing electronic punk meltdown, which if you think about it, is just inherently really fucking awesome.

The layered timbres of digital and analog electronic music (along with organic sounds) make this music exciting in a very new feeling way.”Phantom Ring,” the album’s second track, reflects the idea of this music as a thick, and nuanced electronic quilt (black as the never of course). A background filled with subdued synthesizer madness emerges out of the initial sounds of the life draining out of some old retiree at the only thing to do/only place to go in town: the casino. The sounds of some mad scientist’s lair thicken the whole ordeal to a level of madness projected. And then there is also the constantly withdrawing master, or master of ceremonies, drawing you further and further within it/him-self, so far that it’s far, far too late to ever get out once you realize that you are lost.

CHONDRITIC SOUND and LOAD RECORDS have released this seriously intoxicating electronic music statement. They knew what was up. I am very happy to be listening to this right now. It will stick with you if your ears are open.

TIMEGHOST show tomorrow 5/15!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you know we *Boston Hassle* and our tender and dear friends Open Loop are throwing the thing!
TIMEGHOST, SADIST, ORA ISO and HIDE (Chicago) all play @ Deep Thoughts tomorrow night (5/15). Fucking go already.


– directly above is the cover of CELLULAR for the LOAD RECORDS release on cd, and vinyl.

– at the top of the post is the cover of CELLULAR for the CHONDRITIC SOUND release on cassette.

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