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It takes just a few seconds of the first song on Thighmaster’s latest release to draw you in. The Australian band seems to specialize in hooks, and every song boasts its own catchy guitar part. The euphoric jangling of the guitar welcomes the listener to the small party that is created inside these three songs. “Head of the Witch”, the title song, starts with this distinct guitar sound in an intro that quickly tumbles into a frenzy of fuzz. There it finds the drawling vocals, which are tinged with Australian accent and have an effortless punk quality to them. These vocals have a somewhat nostalgic feel, giving a retro nod to the songs of the punk past. Between the snarky, vintage tone of the vocals and the grungy instruments, the band creates a perfect slacker vibe. These songs seem that they would be most at home performed in a garage, ducking out of the Australian sunshine. That is not to say that they are not at all polished, as with their whizzing guitar parts and melodic baselines, they are as infectious as could be. Thigh Master do a lot with a little on this 7’’, and in the short span of the release prove that they are a band that knows their sound, their vibe, and how to write an addicting tune.

The album can be found on Tenth Court, a label dedicated to finding all the best and the grungiest bands based out of Thigh Master’s homeland of Brisbane, Australia.

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