2016 Year Enders

These are a Few of My Favorite Things by Eric Baylies


These are a few of my favorite things by Eric Baylies (of Bad Motherfucker, Minibeast, Baylies Band, ex Temple Of Bon Matin):
Fable Grazer: I love the sound of breaking glass, and melody, noise, and raw power.

Hill Haints: Western Mass a lot of diamonds hidden in the mouth of a corpse. Punk, psyche, and everything in between.
Bellerophon: Providence electro synth god.
Skyjelly: Music to take drugs to, to listen to music while taking drugs about music made of drugs by people made of music.

Gnards: Fuck yeah!
75orless records and Load records: still awesome after all these years.
E: members of Neptune , Karate, and Thalia Zadek have formed the ultimate supergroup.
Dropdead: You can’t stop the steamroller.

Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores: Magical music for terrible times.
Bunnies: Bunnies kick ass!
Rick Rude: Punk as fuck.
Major Stars: psych as you like it.
Haru Bangs: Take drugs, not prisoners.
Doomsday Student: A fine wine.
Gravel: the pride of Salem, and everywhere with taste.



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