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THE WEMMER are a bunch of weirdos from JAPAN who must have some sort of connection to New England because they’re playing a bunch of shows in the area over the next week or so. I couldn’t really find a whole lot about these guys but this peculiar short film/music video appears to sum them up…I think all you really need to know about them is this: They appear to be completely insane, and they play crazy high energy garage punk in a way that only completely insane (or Japanese) people can do it. Lotsa guitar, lotsa yelling, lotsa loincloths. These guys play with such ferocity that it seems like their limbs will explode off of their bodies at any moment.

The music in this video doesn’t start until about 1:30, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the absolutely bizarre mostly nude fight scene that in the beginning. These dudes look like a crazy good time, and I can’t wait to see them this FRIDAY at the firehouse in Worcester. They’re also playing in Worcester tonight at Hotel Vernon!

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