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The Water Cycle has prepared for the summer months early this year with their debut, other boys, released in February. The Boston jangle pop trio manages to capture the sound of a sunny day on the EP—there is a laid-back, beach-basking slacker vibe, while cutting riffs act as a reminder that there is a real world beyond the shore.

Other boys begins with upbeat tune “have you heard?” The song has the musings of an indie bedroom pop artist, while being exceptionally more vibrant and much fuller in sound.

Following tracks “i went on a date for the first time in a year and cried after” and “mom jeans” sing of the mundane (the lyrics being “I can’t believe you dyed your hair / I liked it better how it was” and “Sweet girl / I’ve been looking at your mom jeans / I’ve been praying that you saw me,” respectively), yet the songs themselves are anything but mundane. At their core, they’re really just fun. Bouncing bass lines and the ever-present surfy riffs combine to create a multilayered sound that still comes across as simple, sunny, and pleasant.

“Prep school girls” pokes fun at the girls adorned in name brands who don’t seem to quite understand the quirky indie sensibilities of The Water Cycle. Are they immune to the seemingly effortless catchiness of the band? Their loss, really.

The EP ends on a folky note with “don’t you take.” The acoustic song is like a solemn ballad that would be sung from a rocking chair overlooking a golden field being colored by a fading sunset—a rather bittersweet experience that is beautiful nonetheless.

Much like “don’t you take,” the EP is executed perfectly. Other boys charms its way to the heart with refreshingly honest indie tunes, and ensures a promising future for The Water Cycle.

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