The Sediment Club — Psychosymplastic


The NYC-based trio The Sediment Club has put on one of the wildest live shows for several years now, and while their releases have always been strong, they have never really captured that energy or intensity. That is, until now. Psychosymplastic, out now on Wharf Cat Records, finally gives you a record that feels like being in the room with the band. On full display is their manic, absurdist no wave revivalist noise rock. While there are numerous bands that have a sound that amounts to little more than no wave worship, The Sediment Club’s sound creates something new. Influence can be heard from bands like DNA, Mars, and even Ut. There is even something of the freewheeling angularity of The Fall in there at times. The final product however feels closer to Guerilla Toss than the aforementioned bands. Instead of the post-jazz art rock skronk of the Tossers, however, The Sediment Club has a sound distinctly tied to punk, especially ’90s and early ’00s punk-cum-noise rock acts Arab On Radar or possibly Lightning Bolt. Still, these are at best imperfect comparisons, as the band’s identity is all their own and these elements surface and submerge at will within their songs. ”An Unlikely Cure For Lockjaw” answers the question of “what would Utah Jazz sound like if they went no wave,” while ”D Backwards Romeo” at times sounds like it could be a melted version of Beat Happening’s “This Many Boyfriend’s Club.” On the other hand, ”Everything Tastes The Same”’s vocals sound like the rantings of Bobcat Goldthwait. Take that for what you will. Or don’t. Just listen to the record.

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