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The Repos — Poser


Poser is a first class ripper from the long-running Chicago band Repos, because you can’t spell Poser without Repos, donthcaknow? This “album” (really more of a 12″ EP) fits 16 bludgeoning hardcore punk bangers into 12 minutes. In keeping with the spirit of the band, I’ll keep this review brief:

Mid-tempo mosh bits segue into tense builds and unrelenting thrash parts in a way that makes it clear that Repos have had plenty of time to really perfect what they’re going for, which is hardcore refined down to its essential essence. The guitar leads are blazing and the vocals sound mean and tough as nails, coming from a lower register than on the band’s earlier releases. There’s no bullshit, no frills. How can there be when the longest song is a minute and sixteen seconds long?

Mark McCoy’s venerable Youth Attack label continues to fly the banner for the fastest and furious-est in the game, and Poser holds its own among the label’s best.

Poser is available now from Youth Attack.

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