The Lentils — “The Bed Is The Killer”


Those of you still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from the past season’s brutal winter might want to think twice before watching The Lentils’ new video for “The Bed Is The Killer”, as much of it was filmed on a very snowy Boston Common after the blizzards of 2015. But if you can muster up your strength, it will give you some warm and fuzzy feels that perhaps you can store in your heart to get you through the winter of 2016.

“The Bed Is The Killer” is, on the surface, a jangly pop ballad of breaking up and coping with a once-shared bed that is not only empty, but maybe, to blame. But subtle hints, like the lyric “Now I know that music itself is wrong” are clues that this might be more than a breakup song; perhaps it’s the beginning of a new period for singer Luke Csehak (formerly of Happy Jawbone Family Band) and the Lentils. The video includes footage of the Lentils both happily skating together on the ice rink at Boston Common and sitting next to one another, jamming out together (definitely shirtless, maybe…naked?, but no bed in sight) at home. Some times, friend love is the best love.

For more insight into the song and the rest of the band’s new album, Brattleboro is Flooding (forthcoming via BUFU Records and Gnar Tapes), check out this excellent and exhaustive interview with Luke Csehak by Boston Hassle’s own Anthony Richards.

Stream the video (released by Allston Pudding) below.

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