The Laces – Grab Bag


Meet (or return to) The Laces with their latest mini-album release, Grab Bag. With a cleaner sound than on previous records, this collection brings on a more complete sonic profile to the bands repertoire. This album still packs gnarly riffs and straightforward, yet not cheap composition. The songs are felt. On tracks like Tsunami and The Next Day, this young band manages to nail a 60’s surf rock vibe complete with wild tremolo picking & keen usage of reverb. This teen band is extremely talented and the music proves it.

This album is a fun and encaging listen start to finish. The lyrics and vocal delivery are simple yet playful. With reverb-soaked lines in My Baby Don’t Swim and carefree lines like in Laguna Beach the vocals work with to the song to provide instrumentation. There is diversity in how the band chooses to paint themselves in their music. Their approach is very unpretentious and honest unlike (some) garage rockers out there (not that that’s a bad thing!). There are also some more aggressive tracks on here like Cigarettes and Soda and The Next Day which really warn people to get the fuck out of their way.

This tape is 15 minutes of noisy, pure bliss. The Laces are an tribute to the golden era of garage rockers, yet proof that the bills are for the taking for the next generation of partiers.

Catch them at Dorchester Art Project 9/7/18 for a rippin’ good time.

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