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The Hassle explores the reasons that Baby Baby keep exploring

Baby Baby play a Hassle show TONIGHT (1/18) in Everett. Get in touch for the address.


Dan Shea:
What has Baby Baby been exploring lately?

Baby Baby:
OK. So, we have made unmeasured progress along our eyeing of the chewed up saliva suited subject at hand… mouth..on the floor…stuck to the bottom of a tennis-shoe; we will never stop exploring the reasons why that gum is still on the sidewalk. Having said that we have also been doggy paddling through other thought bubbles:

Like, How to stop thinking about numbers? Why Bruce Springsteen is famous? ASMR? What comes after that lonely organ at the thrift store? Accountability. Seltzer water? The compass of sound aka How to make new music? Why everything relates to an episode of Spongebob? Do you know where the cheese is? Etc.

Are you all/some of you birthed of Providence or did you all/some of you come together there for reasons of some kind?

The three of us are townies from Warwick, RI the city inhaled by an airport and brimmed by polluted bay. We all went to the same sinking-crumbling high school, it was built over a bog and squirrels would fall out of the ceiling concussing students. Gabe and Lids had started a band with other friends about Mickey Rooney engulfing a flying ham, Sam kind of just appeared in their lives and we’ve been making together ever since.

Is it boring to talk about your musical influences??

We all agree the question isn’t boring, but maybe our answers are? Lids doesn’t feel directly influenced by music towards music lately, Gabe listens to Bach everyday and Sam loves sound and their main musical influence was their dad who played the saxophone.

Who are some musicians & artists inspiring you all in Providence right now??

We are big fans of so many individual makers in our community, so we will name off some important spaces that facilitate, nurture, and keep the arts community alive: The Dirt Palace, Girls Rock RI, Binch Press, New Urban Arts, and Queer Archive Work.

How many years do you think we have left here on earth & what projects are you all working on right now??

One day at a time is a good scope ya know. We aren’t doomsdayers.

Projects: As a group we are working on making new material (both audio and visual), trying to seek out a label?, and setting up some more out of town shows/scheduling a tour.

Baby Baby plays TONIGHT (1/1/8) in Everett w/ Thighs, Russ Waterhouse & Donna Parker, Lane, and Frigid. Get in touch for the address. [email protected]
Baby Bay also has two upcoming shows at Dusk:
Jan 29th
Feb 12th

Find them online:

insta: @babybaby_explores

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