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THE FUTURIANS – Power/Reactor 7″


These folks are the weirdo kiwi psych-punks you have been craving. Coming into existence some 12 years ago, they operated as peers among the likes of Montreal’s LES GEORGES LENINGRAD (here in Boston SPF ALOT and offshoots would have been the measuring stick). And while most of their no wave kicking, post-punk drowning contemporaries are gone, leaving behind the scuzz stained world of broken electronics, and nightmare underworld dance parties; THE FUTURIANS are still up to no good! New Zealand can be an otherworldly place to us Americanos, and it’s bands like this that stir up that idea. Earlier in the year I went off about NZ’s KRAUS (his SUPREME COMMANDER still amongst my records of the year) and lo and behold it turns out he was the original drummer in this band. And that makes a lot of sense as you listen to THE FUTURIANS. A new 7″ has been allowed into our atmosphere by this mysterious 4 piece. It is called the POWER / REACTOR 7″ and indeed those are the 2 songs that have been forced in between the grooves. Released inside a 16 page full color book of artwork/collages by the band, and with a DVD compiling their music videos from 2003 to 2013, you are really getting your bang for your buck here from the label that put this outPSEUDOARCANA. Both tunes found here feature insistent rhythms and a dank low cloud of electronics, affected vocals, and otherwise that nothing within is completely able to escape from. In other words? It’s a good time. Would be cool to catch this gang in the live setting.

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