The Difference Engine – Anomaly

Revel in filth and decay for a day then return to gray world


At one point I realize they are like Nine Inch Nails. I generally don’t

like to directly reference other artists, but in this case I feel it’s

warranted. I don’t know. Around 2 minutes in it sounds exactly like Ni-

ne Inch Nails. I want to get my leather trenchcoat and watch the Matri-

x. And somehow find a way to travel back to the 90s.

I never really liked Nine Inch Nails. Be that as it may, perhaps the f-

irst words I ever wrote on a computer were, “Bow down before the one y-

ou serve, you’re going to get what you deserve”. The light struck my f-

ragile eggshell mind and I felt very disturbed looking at the words I’d

typed on the screen. I feel this is relevant. I do not know why.

The video where he is floating in the air is also very good. Peter C-

hristopherson was involved. He scammed Nothing Records, and I have to a-

dmire that. Coil is very good. Nine Inch Nails is pretty corny. A bit o-

ver the top. It’s like someone being too into Mad Max.

Ministry’s brand of evil techno was better earlier. Rob Zombie even. Ni-

ne Inch Nails was always a tad too self involved. If I wanted to contem-

plate self indulgence I would look in the mirror. Lyrically, this song

is pure ego politics and pecking at carcasses. Who cares?

The intense music doesn’t make this any less of a game. This is well pr-

oduced. I just feel uncomfortable when it sounds exactly like Nine Inch


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