The Barbazons – Avec Plaisir


Tough and sweet like chasing whiskey with candy comes The Barbazon’s (formerly the Fagettes) debut album Avec Plaisir showing that despite a name change they can still deliver more of their lo-fi fun. Anyone worried that the band may be taking a turn away from the offensive can rest easy with lyrics like” if you want to know whats between my legs don’t be afraid to ask” being emblematic of the whole album. Best of all the band still knows they’re way around a good hook! It’s too hard to pick a favorite on here but I’ve been playing “Stems and Seeds” at least twice every time I put on the album. It achieves that rare feat where what started out as imitation sounds as good as the original and begs the question what if the Ronettes hung out more with bikers? Ending on the acoustic “Two Whiskeys” about a guy comically continuing couples behavior alone takes a refreshing turn from what could have been another bitter song about an ex to goofy contentment with the refrain “I’m alone when I stagger home and I’m ok.”

Finding yourself singing or dancing along to catchy songs like “On Drugs”, “Chilly” and “Die out Here” are now being considered by Harvard doctors as the surefire cure to the winter blues! Take at least 2 spins daily.

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