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Fresh Vid: Tatiana Heuman – Quemó Tu Curuyú


A burst of sound, an explosion of energy – a master of organized chaos, Argentinian drummer, Tatiana Heuman does so much with her eccentric music. A paradox between pleasure and pain, consonance and dissonance, her new single, “Quemó Tu Curuyú” is so intriguing you can’t stop listening to it. From police-like sirens in the background to an abrupt spa-like piano arpeggio, the track is full of so many wonderful surprises.

When I first listened to Heuman’s work, I was astounded by the vast variety of sounds that she was putting onto one track – From synth hits to record scratching and even a sort of bird call. It cannot be put into a box that labels it clearly as “electronic” or “pop” or “latin”; it is all of them but at the same time none of them. It breaks free from the typical expectations that we have of music, leaving behind structural conceptions. Instead, the song is almost like a primal call; a call for a connection to the purest essence of music. Rhythms and melodic fragments that you can’t help but groove to. Perfectly integrating the traditional sounds of latin music and the quirky electronic sound of the contemporary, Heuman’s music insinuates the perfect feeling of having an out-of-body experience at an intimate party.

See for yourself live @DAP on Thursday with Kathy Snax, Beauty Mark and Soft Fangs September 20th at 8pm

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