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Taiwan Housing Project — Maintenance of an Application


Philadelphia’s Taiwan Housing Project, the brilliant post-punk collaboration project from Kilynn Lunsford and Mark Feehan, has come screeching onto the scene with a new EP. Maintenance of an Application was released on M’Lady’s Records as a 7” this past July.

This three song EP is a nine minute hurricane of amazing. Full of feedback bursts, thumping drumbeats, and peeling guitar mayhem, all beautifully infused with Lunsford’s rowdy but haunting vocals. It’s controlled chaos, messy yet beautiful and will have you yearning for more. The title track, “Maintenance of an Application,” opens with a thumping drumbeat that creates a feeling of momentum, building anticipation and carrying you into the screeching guitar mess and wildly skilled vocals, bringing a perfect intro to the album.

These songs really showcase the multi-layered sound of Taiwan Housing Project. With all of the band members having played in multiple other bands, you can really hear the influences of their musical pasts. The last song in the EP, “Behind The Green Curtain,” is a perfect example. The acoustic strumming and Kimya Dawson-esque style of the lyrics and vocals both hint at lead singer Kilynn Lunsford’s previous band Little Claw, a noise-punk band from Portland, OR with a “disarming acoustic side.” But noise-rock veteran Mark Feehan’s influence brings the song to a fuzzy end, harkening back to his work with ’90s noise-rock band Harry Pussy. Maintenance of an Application is three songs, seven inches and nine minutes of scintillating madness not to be missed. Check it out here:

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