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Tacocat – Lost Time


Listening to Tacocat’s third studio album, Lost Time, released on Hardly Art is like surfing along waves that are formed by the incessant Seattle rain. The poppy melodies of Tacocat’s songs would almost seem like they’re rooted in California surf pop, but their edgier, blunter tones make it clear they don’t exactly hail from the sunny Cali beaches (if the song “I Love Seattle” didn’t already give it away.)

Unlike the ever-changing hair colors of the band, Tacocat’s sound has remained consistent since their last album, NVM. Emily Nokes’s vibrant vocals are showcased among the distorted guitar lines that appear to be pulled right out of the Washington basements where the band had set their roots.

Less consistent are the song topics which vary from The X-Files (“Dana Katherine Scully”), horse-obsessed youth (“Horse Girl”), crummy jobs (“I Hate the Weekend”), and even crummier break-ups (“You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit”).

Despite their poppy, peppy demeanor, Tacocat aren’t afraid to be no-nonsense, taking on the topic of sexism head-on with “Men Explain Things to Me.” Nokes sings of a man with an obnoxiously overbearing ego and sense of entitlement while jangly guitar riffs trill behind, inspiring you to join a feminist campaign on the spot with bright colors in your hair and glitter on your face.

Lost Time is a rainbow garage-pop masterpiece caked in glitter on exhibition in the finest basement Seattle has to offer, and Tacocat are the proud Picassos.

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