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TACOCAT – “Crimson Wave”


POP AS FUCK new song from Seattle’s TACOCAT shows up with a dumb fun video as the band releases LP number two, NVM. HARDLY ART does the honors (they also just released a new record from Somerville’s GEM CLUB) here in the wake of a handful of EPs and singles by the band. If you like power pop, and if you like to see power pop taken to someplace at least a little bit new, then you’ve found your home. I must kneel to the pop muscle of TACOCAT. “Crimson Wave” from the aforementioned NVM (the record’s title a nod to Kurt Cobain’s band’s major label debut), has to be the catchiest punk pop song I’ve heard in I don’t know how long. With lyrical content celebrating that marvelous conclusion of the menstrual cycle (unless it’s not marvelous for reason x, y, or z), and a melody bouncing like a beach ball over a friendly distorted guitar, how can you go wrong? Perfectly balanced back-up vocals more than seal the deal. “All the girls are surfing the wave.” The only thing better than this song simply existing would be if it were to spawn a dance craze as in the days of yore. “The Crimson Wave”. I can’t dance, so I’m out, but I’m sure some of you can, and I bet TACOCAT would truly appreciate you helping to start the dance craze for their song. Being a woman ain’t always as easy as it looks on television, and TACOCAT takes no shit. They take all that and slather it in simple syrup, and then they pile on the power chords. I’ll have another please.

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