Following up on an impressive demo with their debut seven-song EP are Boston’s own SYMPTOM, one of the area’s noisiest hc/punk bands. To refer to this self-titled EP as feedback-heavy would be an understatement. Their sound is prone to sudden squalls of guitar noise and gutteral, distorted bass which often change tone and texture suddenly and without warning. The overall sound is similar to any number of noisy Japanese hardcore bands (the cover of “Pressing On” by GAUZE should be an indication even if nothing else is) but also early UK grind like NAPALM DEATH and EXTREME NOISE TERROR.

The songs are fast and brutal, and not one ever reaches the two-minute mark. The lyrics are spiteful and misanthropic. The ripping guitars on “Wartime Children” and the bludgeoning “Anxiety” let the band’s metal influences come to the forefront a little more and stand out as my two favorite tracks on the EP. My only complaint is that the record is too short. I’d love to hear a full-length. In the meantime, playing this two or three times in a row will have to suffice.

SYMPTOM are playing RIGHT NOW at TT The Bear’s with PURE HELL, NOTOX and DAMN SHAME. They play out a lot. Ask a punk. Their EP is available now via Bandcamp. Check the demo below as well for another dose.

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