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Surfbort – Apocalypse Care Package – DEMOS


From the area of Brooklyn, New York hails a power group called Surfbort. Their style culminates from the influence of alternative and punk rock culture that just makes you want to either jump around, punch someone in the face, or both. Their entertaining style can hook an audience towards attraction, which is what the people are looking for!

Their new project, Apocalypse Care Package – DEMOS, is a five song tape released only on their Bandcamp page on May 1st, 2020. On a lot of their work, you can tell that the vocals infrequently match the quality of instrumentation, though on tracks like “Bad Intel”, “Wave”, and “Stupid Party”, Dani and the guys get their messages across in sonic unity. It seems as though since 2005 the band has grown along with Dani, showing all the hard work and dedication that goes into an art piece such as this one.

“…Learn to be a human being. It doesn’t take long to find out that you’re headed in the wrong direction” – “Bad Intel” by Surfbort from Apocalypse Care Package – DEMOS

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