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Yes yes we did indeed. We sold out, we jumped the shark, we’re now ‘the man’.

Actually no, not if you know anything about culture journalism, we would say just the opposite. It’s a tough world out there in news if you’re not a major corporate news outlet or Michael Bloomberg or some other person with millions and billions of dollars at their disposal.

We certainly do not have that, however sad that may or may not be. We’re local, hard-working journalists, culture enthusiasts Schmoes and Does with no trust funds or authority figures to really tell us what to do or what not to do. Which is a huge upside if you’re talking about the importance of journalism and artistic uniqueness in a society forever flattening due to neoliberalism and oil dependence.

We say no. Bring in the weird, the enigmatic, bring the horn section, the music concrete enthusiasts, the noise heads, the people who dance right in front of the DJ booth trying to really ‘connect’ with the DJ, yeah even them too. Bring in the art galleries crawlers, the independent film industry, the many basement venues sparsely scattered around Boston, and so many more folks.

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