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Boston Hassle’s 10-year anniversary is upon us, and to mark the occasion we are kicking off a fundraiser for our arts & culture reporting. Hassle with us, donate to our fundraiser, help us pay our staff, participate in our decision-making process, and continue to reap the benefits of free, accessible local journalism.

We want to raise $10,000 to have as an operating budget for local journalism in 2022, which means that we have to account for fees with this fundraiser (hence the $12,000 goal). Boston Hassle has been an institution and catalyst of DIY culture in the Boston area for ten years, and we want to continue that legacy for at least another ten years. Please help us accomplish our goal.

As a reward for your kindness and generosity, donors to this fundraiser are eligible to get access to Boston Hassle’s new LISTSERV and Resource Guide at a discounted rate compared to our Patreon, as well as many other exclusive perks like our donor newsletter and merch.

In addition to our perks, we are capping off our fundraising drive with an “Archive-a-thon” wherein the Boston Hassle crew will get together and archive the Boston Hassle in a singular hallowed physical manifestation for the good of all posterity.


More info on perks below.

So Where will your money go?

$10,000 Breakdown:

$4,000 will go towards paying Boston Hassle’s editors for their tireless work and writing. The editors of Boston Hassle have selflessly volunteered their time and energy every day, every week, for years to keep the Hassle going. It is past time we pay them back and reward them for their hard work with monthly stipends. We also plan on expanding our editorial staff and we will ensure that this person is a representative of one of Boston’s minority communities. Editorial stipends make that a much more realistic goal.

An additional $4,000 will go towards paying Boston Hassle’s writers to expand our local reporting and arts journalism. With this money, we guarantee that at least half will go towards paying Black, Indigenous, and other writers of color for their hard work.

$1,000 will go towards making Boston Hassle more sustainable and equitable to survive and thrive now and in the future, with a special focus on making Boston Hassle’s coverage and staff more diverse and representative of all the communities of Boston.

$1,000 will remain safely in Boston Hassle’s Rainy Day Fund to save for emergencies or other essential costs like web development or grant writing fees.

What will you get if you donate:

For all supporters of this fundraiser who provide both their email addresses and mailing addresses you will receive:

$1-$5: Access to Boston Hassle’s Kontent Donor newsletter & Access to Boston Hassle’s DIY Music Documentary Coming Out in the Fall of 2022

$5-$10: All of the above and access to Boston Hassle’s LISTSERV, Resource Guide, and MTBR

$10-$20: All of the above + 3 Boston Hassle Stickers

$20-$30: All of the above + 6 total Boston Hassle Stickers

$30-$40: All of the above & a custom journal and pen

$40-$50: All of the above & An Exclusive Boston Hassle Zine

$50+: All of the above with the added distinguishment of being a Boston Hassle 2021 mega-donor, your name will be enshrined on our website from now until they pry our domain name from our cold dead hands.

Please donate to Boston Hassle today to support local journalism in the Greater Boston Area. All of your proceeds will go towards paying our collective members and contributors, and other essential administrative fees, thus improving the quality and impact of the reporting we put out.


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