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The one word that could be used to describe Sun Young’s s/t album is transformative. The album, released on Super Wimpy Punch last month, may transform you as an individual with its beyond stellar experimental indie rock sounds that please the ears and alter the mind, but the album itself also undergoes a transformation over its duration.

As the album starts with “Sun Theme,” you feel like you’re on the way to go surf, but instead take a fun, chaotic detour to wherever your creative, straggling mind takes you. It embraces youth but injects the disarray of current life to generate a pleasant balance.

A similar vibe is carried through the next songs “Grandma’s Promise” and “Pour Your Own Milk.” The songs are filled to the brim with energy that’s released in a charming and original manner infused. The first half of the album has bounding and bouncing sounds and melodies that are nothing short of infectious.

The latter half of the album (which is just as irresistible) generally takes a more mellow route. It still exhibits complexity that was evident in the more upbeat songs, but strips each element down so that the song as a whole comes across as being simpler.

“Mommy” borrows some garage rock elements, but remains quirky enough to defy the label and be independently catchy. Meanwhile, “Come” sinks into a darker, comparatively bare and stripped down realm. “Nap” follows that theme and captures the sleepy pre-nap feeling. But restless thoughts rob you of the sleep you anticipated, and the result is a surge of noise and power presented passionately by Sun Young.

The album ends on a fun note with “Lipstick.” The carefree, feel-good track completes the full 360 of Sun Young. To say the album offers variety in songs/sounds/tempo/mood is an understatement, and it’s a factor that makes the album just that much more enjoyable to listen to.

In the end, dissecting Sun Young is rather unnecessary because the album practically dissects itself. Each element is distinct from one other—crashing drums, dodging bass lines, and shrill guitar riffs all seem to run in their own direction, and yet they come together effortlessly into an abstract indie rock masterpiece. In other words, there is a method to Sun Young’s melodic madness, and boy does it sound sweet.

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