Another band that I initially missed when I couldn’t make that New Boston Punk Band Showcase from a few months back @ the Democracy Center…sooooo stupid! Desperate, and violent sludgy hardcore is the result of the individuals who comprise SPITTING EARTH getting together and making music. SPITTING EARTH is, to quote the band’s own self-identifying language, “a vegan queer-edge hardcore punk band based out of Boston”. Chelsea’s vocals are tortured as she rails against “False Standards” and turning a “Blind Eye.” And the riffs are there to back up her vocal assault, even sounding a bit thin as they do here (it IS a demo after all). With the right recording approach these riffs and breakdowns would be irresistibly heavy. I’m also loving the vocal samples splattered across these 4 songs, a hallmark of underground punk rock if there ever was one. “Defective” is the first song from the demo. At 1:26 it is brief as hell, but in that time it manages to drag us right down into that wretched sauna right alongside the band. An inevitability. The riff that opens up the song is the heaviest thing I’ve heard come from a local band in a while. THAT’S A CHALLENGE PEOPLE. Sadly it only lasts for the first 25 or so seconds of the song, before veering off into some pummeling hardcore, a breakdown, and then some more unleashed throttle. I want more of that first riff though. And so we have here the SPITTING EARTH demo. I look forward to a future recording when the already formidable grind of this band is able to full on sonically spar with the untamed growl that singer Chelsea is very capable of unfurling. Raunchy, and so heavy, when is and what is the next thing SPITTING EARTH (seems like there’s a new tape being worked on…)? Go see these four (now five? four credited on the recording, five currently credited on their site) live sometime soon, they are destroying ears and calling out fuckheads right here in Boston.

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