Speedy Ortiz – Foil Deer


2015 was a big year for Speedy Ortiz. With the release of “Foil Deer,” a national tour, a plethora of magazine reviews and becoming a critical “band to watch,” Sadie Dupuis and her Ortiz cohorts have definitely been giving other indie/modern grunge bands a run for their money. “Foil Deer,” came out in April of last year and if you haven’t heard it yet, open your ears and your nearest search engine. With lyrics like scrawled poetry on the back of a torn notebook and three guitars in overdrive, this is music you can flip your hair to.

The third track, “The Graduates,” needs to be on the soundtrack for some coming of age film about a teenage girl with identity issues. Seriously filmmakers, this is a missed opportunity. “We were the French club dropouts, but we never got excused from class. The secretary must have been high to turn a blind eye on us sneaking out back…I was the best at being second place,” admits Dupuis. No longer waiting in the wings, Dupuis oozes cool.

“Raising The Skate” and “Dot X” are also ones ready for your attention. Right now, you can catch Speedy Ortiz in Philadelphia and Washington for a few upcoming shows but there will most likely be other venues in between so stay tuned for local listings. But whatever you do, get to the show early because they really pack the house.


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