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Spectramotiv – spectramotiv


Spectramotiv is the new kind of power trio – balanced by a central drum machine the three muse on various grooves, electric tone combinations, pop songwriting and an exciting type of punk lyricism.

Upon opening up this material, one enters a metallic-sheened android world. Robotic because of how fixed and precise the tempo moves….yet android because of how coordinated and natural – you wonder if it’s real muscle and skin showing or if it’s been especially designed. Yes, this record is a sinister blend of flesh and machine.

Andrew’s guitar playing is about as pointed and bright as a razor blade – minimal single note lines that are organic in rhythm and variety but with tone that’s completely psychedelic and blinding. Lady Bedouin seems to be singing directly into a tin can or other small metal box – her wandering, filtered vocals are bright and have energetic delivery.  And John’s electric bass is enormously square – in some moments it is so compressed and tight sounding that it transcends string physics and goes completely digital. In other moments, it’s a trembling piece of heavy machinery. These lines are the bedrock, the floor.

I also want to remark on language here….Lady Bedouin has an active imagination. I know this not only because I follow her on Facebook but because of the richness of her stories and characters. Molly, sensitive and friendly. Andy from “Egyptian Magic”, who has a dangerous lizard inside him. And Lady Bedouin herself is a kind of heroine or goddess navigating all of these industrial, wasted adventures. Whether or not her character is made up is sort of irrelevant – the world feels very real and sufficiently complex. She seems to be reporting from a certain kind of lifestyle or ideal – a place where cosmic, powerful love is really an attainable thing and sex with gods is possible. In “Divine” she asks, “My life is beautifully intense – Do you wanna join?”

Join Spectramotiv on this industrial punk adventure. Check out my favorite track “Confession” below:

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