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SPACIN’ has without a doubt proven themselves to be among the cream of the droning, groove laden, psychedelic crop of our time. Their debut record DEEP THUDS is a masterwork of winding, psychedelic-ized grooves, both hewing to a LOU REED bred model, and veering off and away into worlds of cosmic groove unknown, filled with hazy magic. And when I mention LOU REED here, I mean that I’ve rarely ever heard a band get the vibes so correct in the aforementioned mode, of rocking. Jason Killinger and crew are doing nothing short of ruling, and you will know if you listen. At last year’s HASSLE FEST 5 they even compelled some Dudes to lose their cool and get ripe. THAT is how much they rule.

And so what have we here? Apparently SPACIN’ released a a limited CD-R for a European tour at some point last year. It was called MEGATATIONS, and not many gripped it, at least not stateside. Enter the wonderful lovers of choice rock TELEPHONE EXPLOSION, one of Canada’s most consistently cool labels if you ask me (no one did). They’ll be releasing this slice of SPACIN’ next week for us all to enjoy. And what will you, what will you find if you consider this for your ears?? Dense and exploratory experimental and psychedelic jams, both for mind twisting, and hip twisting (one or the other and even at time both, at the same time). The SPACIN’ sound is a lackadaisical one, but never be fooled, these are talented thinking people and their music shimmers. The above vid is, I believe, part of side one of the tape. It features visual accompaniment created by SPACIN’ main man Killinger, an artist on several fronts. The cassette release from TELEPHONE EXPLOSION (to blame for releases by the likes of ESTROGEN HIGHS, CROSSS, THE SOUPCANS…I mean this is a really great label) also features a few tracks beyond what was on the original CD-R. Our cups runneth over! Snag this, and look to the future for more of what SPACIN’ has got to give. And curtsy to the rock of Philly while you are at it.

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