2017 Year Enders

Some show-showings I loved in 2017


BONUS: I’ve embedded Zach’s new album & a new music video for a song from it @ the end of his missive here, you can thank me later – ed.

below are some show-showings I loved in 2017 , and here’s a nicely translated little verse from Goethe :

Over all the hills

Is rest.

Scarce by a breath

Stirs a crest

Of one green tree.

In the wood the birds are still;

Patience, until

Peace comes to thee.


(Jan) Nour Mobarak at Town Hall , Los Angeles

(February??) Skyn Twynz quiet set at some bar near Flushing , Brooklyn

(March) Climax Landers at the Glove , Brooklyn

(May) Old Maybe at Sunnyvale , Brooklyn

(Mar) Alice Cohen and the Channel 14 Weather Team at the Silent Barn , Brooklyn

(April) Jake Tobin’s Loose Organization at 529 , Atlanta

(April) Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet at the Silent Barn , Brooklyn

(May) Joey Agresta & Big French at Secret Project Robot , Brooklyn

(May) Kate Mohanty & Calvin Grad at McCarren Pool , Brooklyn

(May) Sweet Baby Jesus at the Glove , Brooklyn

(May) Lee Scratch Perry at SOB’s , Manhattan

(May) Eyes of Love at 49 Shade , Brooklyn

(Jun) Ruth Garbus , Ryan Power and Ed Askew fronting Tredici Bacci at Threes Brewing , Brooklyn

(Aug) Mick Mayer in a disused train tunnel , Atlanta

(Aug) inc. no world with Ian Isaiah & Sam Gendel at PS1 , Long Island City

(Aug) Lauri McNamara & Omeed Goodarzi at Lawton Grange , Brooklyn

(Sep) Pallas at the Glove , Brooklyn

(Sep) Bernice at la Sala Rossa , Montreal

(Sep) Chris Cohen Band at Murmrr , Brooklyn

(Oct) Tori Kudo / Michie / Pan / Sekifu / Yushoku / Shizuka / Maher Shalal Hash Baz in Tochigi , Tokyo , Yamanashi , Gifu , Matsuyama & Kyoto , Japan

(Oct) id m theft able & Universal Cell Unlock at the Bohemian Grove , Brooklyn

(Oct) Billy Robinson fronting Blue Jazz TV at the Glove in Brooklyn

(Nov) Ian Svenonius’ Escape-ism at Ceremony , Brooklyn

(Nov) Billy McShane in a Lefferts Gardens home with well-spiced soup

(Dec) Zannie Owens’ Potted Plant at the Glove , Brooklyn

(Dec) Marlon Cherry / Ai Isshiki / Jude Tedaldi at the Glove , Brooklyn


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