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Soda Boys — Burgers and Fries 7″


What screams comfort more than a platter of all-American diner fare, the ingenuity of young love, and the heart-warming sound of some punk shouting about the aforementioned? Soda Boys’ new jam “Burgers and Fries” is such an exact blend of gritty garage realness and downright nostalgic, 1950’s-reminiscent charm that it’s appalling. On Total Punk, home to some more household faves (see the homie Cole Haden let you know what’s good about Patsy, another resident of the roster), these St. Louis fellas seem eager to welcome us into the world of soda punk: for days when you’re actually kinda okay with being alive.

“Burgers and Fries” is just one morsel off Soda Boy’s recently released self-titled album, which can best be described as five nasty lil’ tracks clocking in at around eight minutes and are all generally centralized around soda. It sounds like a few of your friends were nursing some refreshing Coca-Cola™ bottles over lunch, decided to start a band, agreed to make said band completely soda themed, and successfully followed through. All about the simplicity and tastiness of new romance, “Burgers and Fries” drips with a fizzy, lo-fi feeling that perfectly captures both the essence of their beverage muse and the adolescent enthusiasm of the song itself.

Anyways, listening to “Burgers and Fries” is straight up good for the spirits, good for the soul, and not bad for the arteries. They don’t seem to be touring around, but their scheduled appearance in what’s known as the Total Punk Fuck Off III in Orlando has me scoping out any potential ways to get to the gig. Ah, when punk feels all warm and fuzzy; it still makes you want to absolutely maim something with a baseball bat, but with your sweetheart! That’s what love is all about, folks. Soda Boys are serving up the love.

Cop the 7″ here.

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