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I’m pretty sure that listening to this song kills the same amount of braincells as huffing a bag of glue. SNEAKY PINKS are the stranger and grosser bastard child/sister wife/slack jawed cousin of the artist who prefers to be called NOBUNNY, emerging from the loins of the hare sometime in the mid-2000’s. They only managed to crap out a couple of 7″s before kind of disappearing but thanks to ALMOST READY RECORDS, our ears can experience a fresh load of sonic diarrhea.

There’s nothing to “I’M PUNK”, in fact you already know what it sounds like before hearing it. A little rock-n-roll song that doesn’t stick around for too long, “I’M PUNK” pogos around in your head for a couple of minutes, blowing it’s nose all over your clothes, taking a shit on top of your kid, etc before collapsing in a pile of it’s own filth. This is exactly what you’d expect from the lyrical savant who is responsible for writing things like “I want a blowjob, I want a hot dog.” If B-side “PUKE PUDDING” is even an eighth as good as “I’M PUNK”, you can bet your dirty butt this will be the best 7″ you buy all year.

Available tomorrow from ALMOST READY.

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