SliccBae and BoriRock: BabyRock


SliccBae has only officially released two tracks to her name, but the Boston artist has already solidified herself as one of the coolest and calmest rappers in the region. Her early spring debut single “How I Move” exuded the type of confidence a 10-year veteran would have after releasing their magnum opus. She dictates the room with candid swagger, rapping stoic lines over a terrestrial Jord4neverdied beat,”I do what I wanna do/You do what you can do/Move how I how I wanna move/Go where you can’t go.”

Meanwhile, Dorchester rapper BoriRock continues to be one of the hardest workers and most important voices in the Boston DIY scene, releasing three albums in 2021 to go along with a bevy of features with the likes of CAEV and Van Buren. On Bae and Rock’s newest single “BabyRock,” the duo talks spicy back-and-forth over a head-cracking beat courtesy of in-house Van Buren Records producer Ricky Felix. The video, directed by SliccBae and Troublshooting, utilizes split screens and other visual edits to exemplify a rare beautiful day. The setting fits Felix’s tranquil backdrop, as well as SliccBae and BoriRock’s effortlessly free-flowing deliveries. “They call me top two, but I’m one not two,” BoriRock claims with a stark sincerity. SliccBae is similarly poised in her approach and even makes subtle and straightforward references to her collaborator, “baby, it’s me/shawty so clean like a fresh white tee/shawty, it’s you/baby wanna Rock so Bori in the booth.” Her knack for ear worm hooks will surely make her a sing-along favorite for years to come. Both her and Bori make the most mundane lyrics feel like the most suave.

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