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Sitting Adult – “Vryte” & “heiße motor”


Went to ILLUMINUS the other night, that wonderful (and strangely separate from many of the city dwellers that I intermingle with) event, that absolutely TOOK OVER Landsdowne St. last saturday. I wanted to go to Landsdowne St.! What a strange feeling. Anyway, one of the most interesting sculptures/ installations in this festival of sculptures and installations was a tin foil environment created by Isabella Koen and Jesse Kaminsky. It was beautiful, and then it was shredded to bits by the hordes attending this free event. What a world!

Anyway, Isabella also makes music, electronic music in fact (among myriad endeavors such as being one of the minds behind the awesome and engaging monthly SUBSTRUCTURE night). SITTING ADULT is her electronic dance music making moniker, and under this name she has been seriously exploding live situations (including our own monthly SCANNERS) as of late. And not only that. Look to Koen’s Soundcloud and find evidence of what most likely happened in those live situations just before they exploded! “Vryte” & “heiße motor” are the two most prime, and recent examples that we can lock our ears into. Techno and acid vibes coming from the pair, snakey bass lines, syncopated mind and heart bursters that are making me type way too fast right now!! Dig the hi-hat work on “heiße motor.” Awesome, banging vibrations that will help us all prepare for the coming of Terrence Dixon to Boston. Will keep my ear to the ground for more SITTING ADULT. I suggest you do the same.

SITTING ADULT plays Hassle Fest 7 on 11/5 @ Out of the Blue Gallery.

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