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Sissy Spacek / K2 — S/T


Released last fall, Sissy Spacek/K2 features an odd and fascinating collaboration between two legendary noise artists. The album opens with “Slang Imprisonment,” a track most similar to Sissy Spacek’s new masterpiece, Brath (out now on Oxen). “Slang Imprisonment” pushes Sissy Spacek’s noisecore work into even harsher and more exhausting territory as the listener is pummeled by nearly sixteen minutes of grindcore/noisecore (and arguably even goregrind) infused with harsh noise evocative of releases like Wreck. The second track sees the John Wiese/Charlie Mumma lineup joined by Japan’s K2 to create something like a denser version of DDT with the peakiness you’d expect from K2. The final two tracks shift the collaboration, giving the listener to K2 tracks made using raw sounds from Sissy Spacek. These tracks give off a much stronger japanoise vibe in their thirty minutes of eclectically dynamic sound. Swirling highs give way to crunching lows, only to lurch into something different. At the very least, you won’t be bored by this album, which constantly reinvents what it is, much like the Sissy Spacek project itself over the last decade. Along with Brath and 2014’s Window Hammer 7”, this collaboration is another in a long line of phenomenal releases by Sissy Spacek and showcases an ever-expanding project still at the top of its game.

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