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SINGLE: K.I.N.G K3Z – Superior


Listen to one of the coolest and darkest local rappers K.I.N.G K3Z on his new single, Superior. This song features some of the most thoughtful and clever production with the grimiest beats I have heard in a while. The bars on here really encourage the listener to engage with this song with lines like:

“Every single consequence is a lesson
I learn then I move on adapt then progression”

“I’m feeling like I’m starting to fly”

There lyrics bring out the anger and aggression inside of us we hide when we try to fit-in. Though this track is not necessarily a violent or hateful song. The lyrics gives the listener a sense of fear but with a hope that we improve ourselves. It’s very much like somebody restraining themselves from well… themselves.

This track shows true potential in this teen artist’s future and I hope he continues to improve over time. But for now, check out his new track and more to come because if you look forward to hearing the sounds of the future you need to pay attention to what are the sounds of the present.


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