Sidney Gish – Ed Buys Houses


Totally intoxicating indie rock/ indie pop hybrid from here in Boston. SIDNEY GISH has a voice that is very comfortable. Wrapped up in fuzzy guitars, finger snaps and driving basslines how can she be stopped? I don’t think she will be honestly. This music is destined to touch a lot of ears I would think.

Guitar playing is great, and lyrics are quirk-ily observational, finding themselves on the side of endearing far more often than not. The pop songwriting approaches are varied, ranging from the aforementioned indie pop and indie rock territories onto some fuzzy Beach Boys flavored action (“Buckets of Fun”). And back to those vocals, they really really recall THE BLOW’s Khaela Maricich if you ask me, which is great, because I cherish that woman’s early recordings.

“Vaudeville” is the major stunner. Palm muted guitars, jangling guitars. Pounding drum machine. Easy vocal delivery. Easy. Put it on repeat. What a great album from Sidney Gish. The youthful pop rock lover that lives inside me is happy right now.

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