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South Philly’s Sheer Mag are serving up scoop after heaping scoop of sun-drenched tunes. The bluesy guitar tone has that blissfully raw timbre that’s perfect for a summer drive or stoop session, and the mixing only increases that energy: the jittery, almost whirling mix sounds like warped vinyl played on a rickety turntable, and supports the band’s thick overdrive perfectly. “Sit and Cry” slides to life with slinky single-string riffage reminiscent of Thin Lizzy, and the rhythm section lays a steady old-school-rock foundation for the vocalist to strut her stuff – a medley of smooth crooning and giddy yelps echoed in rotary. “Hard On You” sports a more dance-driven sound, full of march swells, staccato breaks in the guitars, and jumpy grooves that pull your through the measures. The whole release is full of spunk – I imagine the whole crew playing a gig, fidgeting and twisting as they pump out these soulful cuts. Keep an eye on this Pennsylvania powerhouse – and keep your fingers crossed for more releases!

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