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The rule of thumb for casual Sete Star Sept fans has always been that the LPs are the most essential releases. While the splits, and various other CDrs, tapes, and 7″s try out all sorts of new ideas, those ideas tend to be at their most realized on the LPs. Many of us will argue in favor of dozens of other releases – the Gero Me 10”, All Is Wrong CDr, and splits with Nut Screamer, Limbs Bin, Surgical Renaissance, and the second split with Penis Geyser are all personal favorites – but by and large, the albums tend to be the most polished and let the casual listener keep up with the incredibly dynamic band’s continual experimentation and growth. Beast World, out now on the wonderful SPHC, is no exception, and gives us something old and something new. The a-side is 23 tracks of the 7s7‘s patented noisegrind assault we all know and love. The b-side, much like the b-side of 2013’s Visceral Tavern, switches things up. The bass is dropped, and Kae and Kiyasu switch up duties, with Kae drumming and Kiyasu on vocals in a crass, stupid, and delightful take on drum-and-vocal noisecore. These tracks may not be the best introduction to the universe of Sete Star Sept, but for seasoned fans, the 22 tracks on the b-side will be, to steal SPHC’s words, a “special treat.”

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