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SEDIMENT CLUB rock an itchy, nervy, no-wavey sorta take on postpunk, heavy emphasis on the punk. The clip for “Rotten Roll”, off the NYC group with New England roots’ latest release for NNA Tapes, plays like a much more fun Blair Witch Project, with a protagonist in masks and sunglasses keeping himself in frame while being chased by some sort of demonic character through a New York City park before cutting to a long, wide pullout which I can only assume was accomplished with some sort of fancy crane or helicopter (or maybe just from the roof of a nearby building).

The clip, directed and edited by Larry Bovik, fits the musical content well enough. If I have any complaint it’s that at 2:15, the whole thing just goes by so fast! That’s not a knock at the music. I think songs like this work best when they’re terse and to the point and don’t overstay their welcome. It’s just that the video concept could have benefited from more tension. Still great… I just wanted even more!

30 Seconds Too Late is available now from NNA Tapes

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