Sea Of Bones – Silent Transmission


There is a graveyard near where I live. It’s a good graveyard. No drunken teenagers. I like to cut through the stones at night. It saves time. I worry about the Satanists and Voodoo people, though. Will I end up in pieces on tombstones like those disemboweled rabbits I saw on Palm Sunday? I’m an easy target. With headphones on I wouldn’t even see it coming.

I think it is a simple idea, really. Music opens and tunes portals to other dimensions. And there are beings in these other dimensions. Perhaps more real than you or I, certainly this review. Some of these beings are able to interact with us. Others can’t. Some can manipulate our reality and our thoughts. Our misery becomes their food. Are we existing in a machine designed to produce misery? Is that what all of this is about? Pain?

You can’t argue with crazy.

If you like walking through graveyards, at night, alone, Silent Transmission may appeal to you. Peaceful, in a profoundly evil sense. And if you feed on being around other people, Sea Of Bones will be performing at Once Theater in Somerville, November 18th with Come To Grief, Pilgrim, and Undercliff.

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